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POEMS ProTrader

1) Which are the markets that I can trade in?  

Currently, we only offer trading on SGX market on POEMS ProTrader Platform. 


2) Will I receive a confirmation message on the status of my order placed?

Yes. You can view your orders in an integrated real time order status window (plotter) to check the status of your orders.  


3) Can I withdraw my orders after placing them?

Orders that have been processed (done) cannot be withdrawn.  


Can I still access POEMS Internet after subscribing to POEMS ProTrader ?

Yes, you can login to both the systems concurrently. However, please login to POEMS ProTrader first before logging in to POEMS Internet. The sequence of login is important.  


5) For POEMS ProTrader (Watchlist), how many counters can I set in the list?

You can create unlimited number of Watchlists. You can set a maximum of 50 counters per Watchlist. 


Online Stock and Share Trading-POEMS

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